Why Replace Burning Coal With Wood Pellets?

In recent years, with the release of the national coal restriction, many individuals have turned to wood pellets instead of coal, yet do you know the benefits of wood pellets contrasted to coal burning? The following is a contrast of wood pellets and coal, which may tell you the solution.

Calorific worth contrast of wood pellets and also coal

The wood pellet fuel has a low carbon content of as much as about 50%, and the wood pellet gas has a higher oxygen content than coal, so the wood pellet fuel has a reduced calorific worth than coal

Ignition contrast of wood pellets as well as coal

The hydrogen material of the wood pellet gas is a little higher, causing greater volatile issue. The carbon in the wood pellet fuel combines with hydrogen to create a low molecular weight hydrocarbon. After decomposition at a specific temperature, volatile substances are released. Consequently, wood pellet fuel is much easier to stir up than coal

Stress out rate contrast of wood pellets and coal

Wood pellets have reduced density, loose structure and also are very easy to burn. The thickness of coal is more than that of wood pellets, resulting in less waste heat of wood pellet fuel than coal Consequently, the wood pellet gas burns extra completely and also the application price is higher.

Sulphur web content comparison of wood pellets as well as coal

Wood Pellets

The sulfur material of wood pellet gas is just 0.02% -0.12%, while the sulfur material of coal combustion is normally 0.5% -6%. Consequently, wood pellet fuel is extra environmentally friendly than coal and also does not need a desulfurization unit.

Carbon dioxide discharges comparison of wood pellets as well as coal

The co2 exhausts of wood pellet gas are almost absolutely no, while the carbon dioxide discharges of nuclear power plant boilers are 2.36 to 2.37 lots per lots of coal, and the co2 emissions of industrial boilers are 2.6 heaps per ton of coal. Therefore, wood pellet fuel produces much less hazardous co2 gas than coal.

Ash as well as slag use circumstance comparison of wood pellets and coal

The ash after melting wood pellet fuel is a high-potassium plant food that can create fertilizers and reuse waste, while coal-fired slag brings even more hydrology and also land air pollution. Therefore, the wood pellet fuel has much better ash and slag use than after coal burning.

Contrast of the effect of wood pellet gas burning as well as coal combustion on the setting

It belongs to lose application, understands recycling of sources, and is safe to the environment. Coal burning brings more waste contamination and air pollution.

Burning carrier comparison of wood pellets and coal

In principle, biomass central heating boilers developed particularly for raw wood pellet gas can shed coal with higher burning performance as well as reduced discharges. The layout of coal-fired boilers is typically in reverse as well as can not be burned without biomass pellets. Additionally, the converted coal-fired central heating boiler has reduced combustion performance and also reduced usage price of wood pellet gas.

Comparison of thermal effectiveness usage of wood pellet gas and also coal-fired central heating boiler

The thermal effectiveness of wood pellet gas central heating boilers is as high as 85%, as well as the thermal effectiveness of coal-fired central heating boilers is generally 65%. Consequently, coal-fired central heating boilers throw away even more sources and also have lower use rates.

Cost comparison of wood pellets and also coal

The price of wood pellet gas is less than that of top quality anthracite and also sulfur-free coal, which is higher than that of substandard coal. Contrasted to the overall expense, the operating cost of wood pellet gas is nearly the like the operating cost of coal combustion.

Based on an analysis of ten comparisons of wood pellet gas and also coal-fired fuels, it is a typical trend for wood pellet fuels to change coal-fired fuels. In order to leave a productive environment for our kids and also grandchildren, we have an obligation to get rid of coal burning as well as promote wood pellet gas.

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