How to improve fertilizer quality with fertilizer pellet mill?

1. How to improve fertilizer quality with fertilizer pellet mill?

How to improve the quality of livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer? To improve the quality of livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer, refined products are needed. After secondary fermentation of the material, impurities such as glass, ceramics, plastics, wood chips, fibers and stones must be removed.

 The purified bulk organic fertilizer products made by fertilizer pellet mill can be directly sold to users and applied to farmland, vegetable gardens, orchards or as soil conditioners.

According to soil conditions and user needs, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be added to bulk organic fertilizers to make organic fertilizers-inorganic compound fertilizers and bagged, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and has better fertilizer efficiency.

The post-processing equipment includes sorting, grinding, granulating (fertilizer pellet mill), bagging and other equipment. In the actual process, the combined post-processing equipment is selected according to local needs.

(1)The reason why the sorting equipment for the post-processing of the sorting equipment is different from the pre-processing is that the particle size range of the compost after pre-processing and secondary fermentation is much smaller than the particle size range of the pre-processed material, so the post-sorting equipment is more efficient than the pre-processing equipment.

The sorting equipment is more sophisticated, and the methods used are also different. The post-sorting equipment mostly adopts relaxation screens, elastic sorting machines, electrostatic sorting machines, etc.

(2)Granulating and refining equipment. The fertilizer pellet mill and refining equipment is used for the granulation of organic fermentation materials, which is beneficial to storage and transportation, so as to meet the seasonal changes in demand for organic fertilizers.

The fertilizer pellet mill granulator must have the ability to process a certain size and particle size ratio and a certain amount of organic fertilizer. The particle size ratio refers to the ratio of the uncompressed particle size volume of the organic fertilizer to the compressed particle size volume, which can be measured by screening.

Usually, the granulation method is disc fertilizer pellet mill granulation or extrusion fertilizer pellet mill granulation. The forming mechanism of the fertilizer pellet mill is related to the following factors, which should be fully paid attention to when using the equipment in order to obtain the desired effect:

① Humidity is related to the surface tension of water or the formation of capillary action;

② The composition of particles is related to the injection molding process. It is related to the material in the organic fertilizer pellet making machine;

③The shape of the particle is related to the adhesion of the material injected into the organic fertilizer pellet mill;

④The surface density is related to the pressure ratio.

(3) Packing machine Considering the convenience of transportation, management and storage, the packing machine is often used to pack the final organic fertilizer product. The material, size and shape of the packaging bag and the packaging machine should be selected according to the quantity and use of the organic fertilizer. Specifications.

fertilizer pellet mill

2. Overview of fertilizer pellet mill production line equipment

(1) Turning and throwing machine, the function of this machine is to evenly toss the fermented material to make it fully contact with the air, dissipate part of the water, and can break large pieces of material, and small pieces of material into powder.

(2)Forklift feeder, the function of this machine is to store the fermented materials and transport the materials to the next step evenly and quantitatively. The machine is equipped with a frequency converter, which can adjust the conveying speed of the belt conveyor.

The inside of the silo is equipped with an anti-smashing net, which can make the material slowly spill into the silo, and can separate large pieces of material. The middle and lower parts of the silo are equipped with an anti-blocking stirring device to prevent material blockage.

(3) New type chain pulverizer, the function of this machine can pulverize the fermented material into powder of more than 40 meshes, and the moisture content of the material should be controlled below 40%. The Φ600 pulverizer can produce about 5 tons per hour, the φ800 pulverizer can produce about 7-8 tons per hour, and the φ1000 pulverizer can produce more than 10 tons per hour.

(4)Drum screening machine, the function of this machine is to screen the crushed materials, and the finished materials enter the next link. Due to the semi-wet material being screened, the mesh is easy to be blocked, and an anti-blocking and hitting device is generally installed.

 Screen out the large lumps or granules to see the ingredients for re-fermentation or discard. With an annual output of 3000-5000 tons, a 1000*3000 screening machine is used, a 1200*4000 screening machine is used for the annual output of 10,000-20,000 tons, and a 1500*6000 screening machine is used for the annual output of 20,000-50,000 tons. -100,000 tons of production use 2000*8000 screening machine, the mesh is 3-4 mm mesh, and the material moisture is less than 20% can use 1 mm screen, depending on the situation.

(5) Dynamic batching machine, the function of this machine is to batch several materials in strict accordance with the set ratio. The batching accuracy of this machine is 5‰.

(6) Double shaft mixer or single shaft mixer, both of which can play the role of continuous stirring belt transportation, which can fully stir the material evenly.

(7) Cache silo, the function of this machine is to store finished organic fertilizer materials made by fertilizer pellet mill, the machine is equipped with a frequency converter to adjust the speed of the conveyor. It can realize the electrical control of the packaging scale to convey the material when it needs it, and stop the conveying when it is not needed, so as to ensure that the powder packaging scale has a certain amount of material at any time without causing material blockage.

(8)Finished product packaging scale, the function of this machine is to quantitatively package finished materials (20-50 kg), with bucket (weigh the weight before the card bag, and directly drop the material after the card bag) and without bucket (blank the material after the card bag).

There are bucket scales equipped with automatic hemming machine, automatic sewing machine, and automatic thread trimmer, which only needs one person to operate. No bucket scale requires 2 people to operate. The double bucket packing scale is used for the production of more than 10 tons per hour.

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